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Our park is not only a great place for dogs, it also offers stunning artwork provided by many local artists. Below is a sampling.
We hope you will visit the park with your dog(s) and take time to admire these beautiful sculptures and structures.
To learn more about the artists, be sure to click on their information below.
THANKS to all the artists and patrons who have helped beautify our park!

Artist: Brenda Silva
  Learn more about Brenda here.
Brenda Silva ‘ s Pilgrim Dog Park sign Enlarged Brenda Silva ‘ s Pilgrim Dog Park sign


Artist: Jody Melander
backyard dream house


Artist: Candice Crawford
  email: acandyco@comcast.net     Website: www.candicecrawford.com
bench with sculpture of dog bench with seats and backs shaped like dog bones
small bench with dog and ball small bench designed with dog heads
bench shaped like a boat bench with dog house
bench shaped like a dog bench with shape of reclining dog
Message in a bottle
Message In A Bottle Kiosk
Photo by Gail Behrik


Artist: Julian Popko
Thanks to Julian for his generous donations.
New bench - May 2016
bench designed with dog ends
dog cutouts installed on fence
26 Foot Metal Sculpture At Main Entrance Walkway 26 Foot Metal Sculpture At Main Entrance Walkway
26 Foot Metal Sculpture At Main Entrance Walkway


Artist: Clemco
whales tail


Artist: Robert Koch
Whale’s Tail Memorial
Memorial Walkway with Sculpture another view of Memorial Walkway with Sculpture


Donated by Peter Stuermer
boat anchor and chain
Landscaped Park Area
landscaped area


Artist: Chris Williams

email: info@chriswilliamssculpture.com     Website: www.chriswilliamssculpture.com
Sculpture of Native American Indian in Small Dog Section


Artist: Mike Kacergis
Sunflower sculpture



Artist: Nicoletta Poli
painting of a dog


Artist: Katherine Baltivik
Celebrating Provincetown’s Portuguese Heritage
Gift of Paul Mendes

Photo by Gail Behrik


Artist: Ilene Charles
Hydrants: Before Hydrants: After


Gallery Voyeur
  website: www.voy-art.com
Little Dogs Only All Dogs Area